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Jane and Edward VI by Lucrecia-89 Jane and Edward VI by Lucrecia-89
A tribute to Jane and Edward.
the last one of my tribute to tudor mothers and children

Catherine and Mary I

Anne and Elizabeth I
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Albus-Severusxox Featured By Owner Dec 16, 2010
Can't say I care much for Edward. I love Jane, though my favourite and the queen I admire most shall always be Katherine of Aragon.
Lucrecia-89 Featured By Owner Dec 17, 2010
My fav queen is Anne Boleyn, followed by Catherine of aragon and Catherine Parr.
I don't care for Edward VI, although i think he should have his own credits, like Mary I and Elizabeth I
Albus-Severusxox Featured By Owner Dec 17, 2010
Anne Boleyn was not a whore, unlike her sister. However, she was a seductress who took pleasure in teasing Henry while, silently, she challenged the authority of the rightful queen Katherine quite shamelessly. No doubt she was smiling openly when poor Katherine was carted off to live at one of the many run-down properties she would be forced to inhabit until her dying days.

Anne cut down anyone who so much as looked at her the wrong way. She might have also, possibly, been engaged in an incestuous relationship with her brother and/or father - though I can't bring myself to believe that.

She made many mistakes, angered many people with her sharp tongue and cockiness, but the one thing I could never forgive her for was what she did to Mary. Still a child and yet, Anne pressed Henry to strip her of her titles and lands - forced her to part with her pride and dignity when she was forever separated from her mother, proclaimed a bastard and made to attend to her spoiled younger sister, Elizabeth. But there are still so many more reasons why I hate the wretched woman...

Hence why I despise her. She was, by far, the worst of all Henry's wives, with the exception of Katherine Howard, of course.
Lucrecia-89 Featured By Owner Dec 18, 2010
Anne Boleyn was a very compassionate woman,she was what we can call " you hate or you love". I love her because i think she was far ahead of her time, in her way of speak her mind, in her way to fight for what she wanted and believed. Althought i can not think that she was a saint or something like that, she made mistakes, as a human being, the way she deal with Mary and her disrespect towards Catherine. I think her arrogance in Catherine's case, the way the people hated her and at Mary's case her paranoia and fear led the situation.
Alej-the-Great Featured By Owner Dec 30, 2009  Hobbyist Photographer
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